Ways to stand out in interview process in final stages?

Have my third phone interview scheduled for next week. They are doing the interviewing remotely, hence the reason for so many phone interviews. I believe after this one, they will fly a couple candidates to their hq to finalize who they want. Right now I believe I’m in a boat of 5-6 finalists. With all of us likely having solid skills for the position, what are the best ways to stand out and seal the deal? I believe I’m the front runner just from the way the senior mgr spoke with me and my qualifications relative to what’s necessary, but I don’t want to assume anything. I just want to beat everyone by a mile. Any ideas or examples appreciated.

Be humble buddy you don’t have the job yet. You may think you are front runner based on what management has said to you but you still don’t have the job.

At this point your past the technical abilities test and now its probably down to who they like the most. Just be yourself and have a bit of confidence that you made it this far but don’t read into what MGMT and keep that interviewing intensity up until you sign your letter. Good luck

what job are you going for? you can’t really this question well without knowing.

Without better context of the job and role, if you’re truly on the last leg of the interview (and not just what you perceive to be the last leg) then it comes down to your personality and how well the management team thinks you’ll fit in with the group.

Don’t be a douche. Talk about hobbies that are interesting to normal people (think 38 year old Dad with 2 5-year twins) mention a general sport interest without saying you like XYZ team - stick to current ESPN events if you don’t like spots and don’t make it into a political debate. Lookup people on linkedin who could potentially could interview you, understand what they like, which college they went to, what are their interests (groups the follow, listed hobbies, community service events) and try to relate as much as possible. They’ll probably take you out to lunch, be personable but listen to others and try to add the elements from your personality to the situation that make you pleasent to be around. Don’t lie but fluff your interest a bit.

I’ve conducted a handful of interviews and during the final debrief with the other interviewers we always discussed whether or not we liked this person AND could see them growing into the next role within the group - Do they exibit the qualities of an insipiring business leader or are they some sort of model monkey douche? We are always more inclined to take the insipiring business leader with average technical skills over the shitty business acumen person with great technical skills.