WB at $500/sh, 1.08T Mkt Cap on Google?

wtf is this http://finance.google.com/finance?q=WB Wachovia Corporation (Public, NYSE:WB) - Add to Portfolio - Discuss WB Find more results for WB 500.00 +490.00 (4,900.00%) Real-time: 10:38AM EDT Open: 10.00 Mkt Cap: 1.08T P/E: - Dividend: 0.05 High: 500.00 52Wk High: 500.00 F P/E: 9.89 Yield: 0.04 Low: 10.00 52Wk Low: 7.80 Beta: 1.47 Shares: 2.16B Vol: 72.05M Avg Vol: 103.84M

This is obviously an error - - but is it an error in the trading system, or Google’s reporting system? Very odd.

dude, it is halted .it is < 5. forget it, WB is done.


Yeah WB is done . . . as is my roomate - he is probably moving out of NYC now.

The Bid/Ask is $.01/$999.99 so it’s probably taking the average or something. I like the $1Trillion mkt cap though.