WC Fantasy Football 2018

Who’s playing?

Me, for one.


Im down.

I’ll play.

There needs to be a punishment though

Numi emailed me today. Probably ask the same people from last year including Green and fill the spots. Auction league for those interested.

Wasn’t part of the league last season, but am still down if you guys need one.

Have all participants renewed membership in the league yet? Please email me ASAP at numi.advisory AT gmail if you haven’t gotten the invitation from Yahoo. Thanks.

I’d like to participate if possible. Just for fun? If not, how much?

$100 entry fee. The league is full at the moment but it’s possible there may be a slot opening up. If you’re interested email me at numi.advisory AT gmail.

Hi all, it looks like we need one more participant as a former manager may not be returning. Please email me ASAP if you are interested in the remaining spot and I’ll send you a private link. Thanks!


We still need one more member. Please post here or message Numi if you are interested.


FRIENDLY URGENT REMINDER: GREENMAN and SANDUSKY SEDUCTION - PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES. Deadline is today. We cannot draft until everyone pays

Right. Sorry

thanks mate. Now we need to hunt down Sandusky.

“You know, the Vikings are tough. I better sit Jared Goff and start Russell Wilson instead.” —me, on Wednesday.