We out here tryna function! How much coffee do you drink?

what do you add to it?

just a spoonful of sugar? liquor? Jolly rancher?

Hey, hey bitch, try this! Guarantee turn a square to a bi bitch

I gave it up last year as I couldn’t sleep the night after lifting and the internet said to give up coffee. turns out I wasn’t eating enough carbs post evening workout and that was the problem. Now I have the occasional flat white but an absolute max of 1 a day and only when it’s a proper top quality coffee, none of this starbucks s h ite

During CFA is was pretty much having a cup every hour.

2 cups of the machine packets at work every day. Instant coffee or coffee shop on the weekend since I don’t have my French press with me.

We purchased a Nespresso Vertuo machine earlier in the year. I only have 1 in the morning with breakfast and I drink it black.

Large Black Coffee (16 oz?) in the morning. small black coffee around 3 pm.

I brew a large coffee in the morning with starbucks beans that I grind up every week, medium or cappacino around 3-4 but I try to avoid that. Brewing my own coffee has definitely saved a couple hundred bucks - didn’t even qualify for gold status this year.

From instant coffee/machine packets to French press? Now those are two extremes lol

carbs? why do you need carbs?

you need lean protein post workout

Quite a bit. Always black. It’s my one vice I can’t seem to let go of. Never screws with my sleep, even if I have it late though. Although I find a second large coffee in the afternoon generally makes me feel like shit.

gave it up 3 years ago. best decision ever.

never crash, amazing sleep, full of natural energy

I don’t drink coffee. And in addition to knowing I’m outperforming my coworkers who are using performance enhancing drugs, I experience life much more fully like Igor describes

i like to drink my coffee with freshly squeezed oj.

but anyways here are some ideasssss



I hate coffee.

Begin the day with home made pour-over from freshly ground sustainably sourced coffee beans. No sugar, milk or other additives to interfere with the vibrant aroma and delicate texture.

Macchiato usually in the mid-afternoon unless I feel like switching up and going big and bold with a cortado on certain days.

I was working out in the evening and just eating lean protein after then going to bed like 2 hours later but sleeping like shit. adding carbs to the post workout meal sorted it out. low glycogen insomnia.

1 cup when I wake up and another when I get to work. Sometimes 1 in the afternoon if I’m struggling. Straight black, nothing fancier than gas station Colombian brew.

Sometimes when my wife drags me out shopping I’ll get a Java Chip from Starbucks. It’s a throwback from the old days that helps me cope. That’s like once a quarter though.

I’m going back to overnights next year though. Then it’ll be a few pots a day instead of a few cups…

6-7 20 oz. cups a day probably. And I sleep like a cadaver.