We should sign a petition to release AM answers immediately after results

I think, we shoud sign a petition online and submit to CFA Institute for releasing the AM answers, as we can understand now somewhat where we went wrong, instead of seeing it in December, where we would not even re-collect what we have written. this will help us improve.

I don’t see any points why they can’t release early, when they already published results.

I agree but watch out - people who passed this year will declare you a loser who has nithing to do with the cfa program, lol ))

I don’t care a d**n on what people says, i purely said it for my learning, so that we can correct ourself now, as we know vaguely what we have written. Come december and I will not be able to remember even 5 % of questions.

Makes sense

And if they make am questions public they could also scan and show every candidate his answer sheet with grader’s marks.

I completely agree. They could make them available on the CFAI website for a view for a some period of time.

or at least for AM only - give you feedback as to why you did poorly on each question. Perhaps even just 3 or 4 high level catagory - like:

  1. can’t find answer - did you write on the wrong area?

  2. can’t read handwriting

  3. did not answer relevant facts/points

  4. dervied wrong calc

etc etc.

i wholeheartedly hear where you are coming from feeling this is a wise recommendation to the CFAI. i felt the same way last yr after failing Band 9. however, having spent another 7 grueling months studying and learning the material 10 times better than i did last yr, and fortunately passing, i no longer agree. there are many reasons why the CFAI will never do this, or even present it as a valid idea for them to discuss. 1) as much as it may help one “learn” from their mistakes, if you have learned anything from going through the prior Levels, the CFAI doesn’t want you to learn from your mistakes, they want you to KNOW the information inside and out, rather than “knowing the correct answer to a question.” 2) this is more of a side point, but knowing what you wrote down and how you scored last yr will have no bearing on next yr’s attempt (most questions and variations change in the AM session from yr to yr anyhow). 3) the CFAI doesn’t want to teach you how to learn this material, or teach you how to study this material. some argue that the CFA Charter is the most prestigious accomplishment in the industry - it is for those who have the perseverance and acumen to learn, problem solve, and set themselves apart. the CFA program is not a “course,” where they want to teach you information and you to pass a test - giving out prior yr’s exams and your answer booklet, in order to give those an oppty to “learn from their mistakes” with only dilute the very prestige that most strive to attain by tackling the program (and won’t help much in the long run when pass rates remain the same but you need to score in the 80s to pass because the average Joe has a leg up on those who inherently have what is takes to pass).

i would argue that you take the rest of week to vent, drink off the disappointment (i’ve been there…twice), then gather yourself and put in more effort than you ever thought imaginable for next yr. failure is not an option.

Could you imagine how many candidates would be recreating their answers to find a baseline score for themselves? I would be going nuts from Jun7-Aug11 trying to find worst-case and best-case scenarios of my score and comparing that to how well I think I did on the PM section. I agree they should be releasing them sooner, when they release candidate scores would be best, but the day after the exam would be too crazy.

You said this in your other post. Very few people would be willing to pay extra to have that service, myself included.

Why don’t you organize a new movement to make changes to CFAI? Call it :“CFAilure movement” and naturally appoint CFAilure as its head.

If only you spent this much time for actual studying for the exam or maybe even improving your English that could benefit not only CFA Exam, but also your career perhaps…

I think they should hand you the answer key as you walk out the door

I’ve heard online petitions are very effective… especially when dealing with a private company that can really do whatever it wants on this matter.

I think it is should be as a part of regular fee. Perhaps they will need to mark it up a little but devided by all the candidates number that would not be a major increase.

I don’t agree with you on this, I think by adding more transparency to exam and process of grading will add more credibility to whole process, with so many candidates complaining about surprises with there AM results, it will put all argument to rest. I can see IIT in India provides scan graded answersheet to candidate and answer key after results.