We will all kick ass!

just my own “good luck” post… as the hours count down, just relax with the confidence that months of study will pay off on D-Day… months of preparation… months of anxiety… it all ends tomorrow it’s been a pleasure conversing with everyone here… its amazing the amount of support there is… how helpful everyone is, especially the higher level candidates and the charterholders logging in to help the ‘newbs’… we will all do well tomorrow, and hopefully will be back in the level 1 forums to help out the next lot of ‘newbs’… so GOOD LUCK tomorrow… and remember that WE are the ones setting the curve… =)

I like how you`re thinking buddy!!! Count me in… :slight_smile:

good luck bluey, you will own this

good luck 2 everyone… i hope we all pass

but will we have scratch paper?

Portfolio Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > but will we have scratch paper? yup they give u plenty of room in the exam booklet

we will amaze ourselves with what we know… enjoy it