Weather Issues

Hi all, I just thought of this question because it’s starting to snow in Houston. What would happen if weather forced people to not be able to take the CFA exam? For example, if there was another Hurricane Ike-type of disaster that forced the city to evacuate, does the CFAI then just have a “make-up” exam for people in that city?

I read somewhere that it would be too difficult for the CFA Institute to arrange another exam, so… everyone from that test centre would be given a free pass :slight_smile: cheers and good luck

Apparently you didn’t review the entire curriculum: L.O.S. 243a - Demonstrate how to weather the storm; literally and financially.

I’m pretty sure after 6-12 months of preparation, I’d be bribing National Guard crews to let me back into the evacuation zone. But really, there’s probably a force majeure clause in your registration materials that says you’re not entitled to a re-take if your test center gets hit by a meteor.