Weather on Saturday

Forecast says 63 and Partly Cloudy here in San Diego. Es toi?

downpours. Miami. Hurricane season. yay.

Sunny/cloudy here in London!! (going to miami in a couple weeks. is it that bad slorte?)

yep. it’s that bad. record rainfall for month of May and June seems to be the same. But florida storms don’t last all day. enjoy the morning sun, chill indoors during the afternoon and venture back out around 6pm for martinis and mojitos! : ) Enjoy your stay!

shame…i’d already packed my bikini&flipflops!! anyway…back to revision mode…it’ll soon be over…(or not)

i’m hearing theres going to be light rain on saturday in london. thank god.

Crappy in Calgary… it might even snow! The golf tournament that I had to cancel on tommorow in the mountains is going to get 15cms of snow! I don’t feel so bad now.

High of 20 Celcius in Toronto, mainly sunny. Low 11 Celcius. Should be perfect weather.