web analyst to Financial analyst/Business Analyst

Hi, Below is my career path with Fidelity Investments India: 1) 2 years customer contact centre 2) 1 year Subject Matter Expert 3) 6 months as a Web Analyst thru internal job posting - Not very technical profile like that of web developers. This is more of Business Analyst and coordination of bug fixes role. Before above i was working in other call centres for 2 years. Age:30 years Current Expectation - Want to do CFA, really like the course curriculum. To be more specific want to get into stock picking thru Research analyst role and then onto Portfolio Manager. However, internal postings for Research Analyst is tough in Fidelity. Advice required - 1) Which are the best roles with CFA and above experience in hand? 2) Current Salary very low because of internal postings and no correction due to recession. So not worried about salary cuts due to career change also if made. Is it a good career change move at the age of 30. 3) Do you think MBA is more appropriate or CFA is sufficient? 4) Will all my previous experience go into drain with this career change? I have worked with financial services industry for almost 4 years getting exposure to IT and operations aspect of it. I believe the exp should not go waste.

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