Website Maintenance

Here they come! Now is when we should be checking for glitches!

#findthetell (are kids still saying that?)

The game has just started

No more games pls :slight_smile:

Right when the website comes up, the database will probably be updated with your pass/fail. It might come up over the weekend if you log online, you can see results before the email…

oh ya, theory correct?


Someone hire Jason Bourne to go steal our damn results already.

Longest weekend of the year coming up!

The link “Mock exams and practice questions” that wasn’t available this afternoon is now back online, I can see all my practice results.

Registration is still showing “You are already registered for the CFA Program” and “Your CFA Exam Result” is showing “Website Maintenance. The application is not currently available. Please check back later. Thanks for your patience.”

Can you see mocks again?

For all L3 candidates except 125mph. I’m pretty sure he is only waiting to know whether he is in the top 10% or 1% percentile.

U guys give me too much credit. At this point im having confidence issues too. I think i passed but maybe I misunderstood a big question! Countdown continues…

They’re running a tight ship this year boys. Have to imagine someone had their knuckles wrapped for last years leak. I wouldn’t bet on any tells prior to the email on Tuesday morning. Although admittedly I’ve been reading all your conspiracy theories and checking all the way through lol. Well get there gang! Wine and sleep. Rinse and repeat for 4 nights

Were setting a great example for next years candidates…

In the words of Dr. Strange, we’re in the Endgame now.

Dr. Strange looked at all the parallel universes, and unfortunately, he said you did not pass in any of the 7 million alternate realities he calculated.

Maintenance for everybody still? This has been a long one.

Our fate has already been decided it’s not just being made known to us yet.

Tried to open my exam result link: “The application is not currently available. Please check back later. Thanks for your patience”.

Ugh… this all weekend maintenance was the worst thing they could have done. If I signed in and saw results will post here, I’d stop checking. But because there is a slim chance of a glitch once it opens back up, I keep checking… made the weekend long AF…

48 hours left… painful