Website names


A quick question: I know there are variants of this question going around but I have not seen this one exactly (my apologies if I have missed it).

If I have a company, and everyone is a CFA, can I do things like:

  • put the CFA logo on the website home page

  • call the firm XXXX Chartered Analysts

  • etc.

I am thinking along the lines of accounting firms - they call themselves Chartered Accountants or put the CA designation on their websites.



I believe the answer to both of your quiries are no and no.

Dude, you are a CFA Charterholder, you should know! It is made very clear in the ethics material of the CFA books that this is a violation against the Standards of Professional Conduct. If you don’t know, at least one of your collegues should know, as they are all Charterholders…

A detailed review of the CFA Institute’s Code of Standards might be a good start