Websites you go to when you're bored at work

I like seekingalpha,, espn, and obviously this site. I would consider 2/4 beneficial to my success at work. Fark, sounds retarded, is a great site that has a bunch of news feeds from around the world mostly about the idiots in our society.


farley013 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > pornhub haha

wikipedia fantasy baseball and football online newspaper sites


wikipedia Google Maps





buddha Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > stuffwhitepeoplelike Stuffwhitepeoplelike is awesome analystforum

dealbreaker, leveragedsellout, economist if you want to gross yourself out.

espn analyst forum hotmail local fishing report

drudgereport deadspin

youtube facebook

workopolis espn youtube nothigtoxic break hotmail (every few minutes) Bloomberg (lots of info can be gleaned from reading about breaking scientific news)

gmail, this site, a few news sites. Edit: almost forgot

did everyone just forget facebook?