Wedding gifts for siblings and close friends

Hi All,

My sister is getting married in the fall, and one of my best friends (for whom I am a groomsman) is getting married next year. What would be reasonable to spend on a wedding gift?

Based on another thread from last September, seemed like many of you thought a gift of around $100-150 for a friend would be reasonable (assuming I’m attending alone; double that if I’m bringing a date).

Using that $100-150 benchmark, would ~2x that for a best friend and some multiple of that for a sibling be reasonable? My goal is to give something within the realm of reason, though I’d rather err on the generous side. It’s for the same reason I tend to tip generously, bring decent bottles of liquor/wine to house parties, and so forth – something about being good to people and saving face by not cutting corners, I guess. For siblings, I figure it’s just paying it forward anyway (assuming that my days as an NYC bachelor are actually finite).

Curious to hear people’s thoughts, since it seems like people around me are getting married in droves these days. Figured I could count on the trusted AF crew to provide some useful opinions.

So you’re looking at a comparable multiple from others on AF. My close friend got married and I gave him $100 which he later told me was very generous considering others in attendance. I’d give a 2.1x multiple at least. Otherwise you could forecast future gifts you’ll give 10 years into the future and discount it back to a present value.

Why would you want those days to ever end?

Those ranges seem reasonable. However, it also depends on taste. A $150 gift that is well chosen might be better than a less tasteful $300 gift.

With that being said, I spent a bit over $300 for my sister’s wedding gift, and my wife paid about $200 for the recent wedding of her close friend, plus doing some random favors to help in the event. So, based on historical data, I guess that is what I consider market rate.

The answer is 250

you could throw in a bundle of 1’s if he likes the scrip club and your sister is cool with that.

Don’t buy a gift, give him cash.


Everyone that has received gifts that they never ever needed

I suspect that this is the correct answer, in most cases.

Most couples would prefer $150 in cash over a $200 gift – even if it’s a gift from their registry.

Think of the reception as a nightclub with a really expensive cover charge.

Thinks for the tips so far, guys. I’m definitely rolling with the cash contribution.

If there are 873 things in the registry, this is probably true. Some people are very careful at populating their registry though and actually want the things they put in there. If the registry looks pretty well contstructed and there is something there in your price range, order it online and have it shipped directly to them a day or two before the wedding.

My brother is getting married in a few months, and I’m still undecided about whether I should buy him something expensive, such as paying for their honeymoon airfare and hotel, or just give them like $500 and a “Don’t do it, idiot.” note. I’d like to spend as little as possible, but on the other hand he’s my only brother.

If not cash, what would you buy? I have two friends from b-school who are marrying each other. I feel dumb just handing them I dunno 300 bucks. I’d rather blow that going short the market.

Whatever you give, just make sure you give from the heart. Compose a sincere congratulations in a nice card.

Cash may be awkwardly given but it is never awkwardly received.

It was much more fun opening an envelope with a check or a Benjamin the day after our wedding vs. one of the three fondue sets we received (for which we did not register) or the giant punch/salad bowl that could double as a baptismal font (also, curiously, not on our list).

Awww, it’s good to see the Boy Scouts’ spirit is kicking in here on AF.

This ^

Do you think newlywed 30-year-olds really need a 3rd toaster, to replace the 2 toasters that they brought into the marriage?

Couples do registries because it’s not socially acceptable to ask for what they really want (cash).

And not having a registry would mean that they will receive random crap.

Weddings is expensive sh!t. Give them cash.

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I’ve been lucky enough to be best man twice now and i gave them both $500 as a gift. I probably spent a ton more on them on the b party though.

giving cash is pretty tacky but probably the most practical, maybe give it together with a nicely written postcard?

Lol I’m pretty sure everyone is writing a card along with their cheque - I think with the price of weddings these days, money is preferred to gifts by the bride and groom. I usually give 100 for a friend, 150 for a good friend, 300 for a best friend/I’m in the wedding party. I usually spend more on the bachelor parties, the cheque is just a show for the bride.