Week-long Review Seminars?

Does anyone know if week long review seminars are offered by any other organization other than Schweser in Windsor? I have attended the seminar in early May offered by The Financial Analysts Review (FAR) in Raleigh, NC in the past, but it has been discontinued. Are there any other options out there? Thanks.


I don’t quite understand how the FAR reveiw course in North Carolina was cancelled. When I attended, the rooms for all three levels were packed full. I will say that I failed Level II last year and so chose a different course provided this year. Even if all of their Level II’s didn’t return this year (because they all failed and had a bitter taste in their mouths), everyone does a roaring business at Level I, so they should have survived. I wonder what happened? I always felt they had good teachers, but they never really “taught,” – rather, they read from the notes. If anyone from Schweser or Stalla is listening, I would be the first to join a week long course that concentrated only on teaching and solving problems. I do not need someone to grind my nose into the notes I should have read – I need teachers who can produce questions (item sets, whatever), have those questions be “o my god ??? hard,” then carefully walk through them. I think you get a lot of learning by working problems – in otherwords, you don’t have to “learn” the material before attacking the problems, you can learn the material literally by attacking the problems with an experienced teacher. This, to me, is the height of efficiency. If the course providers would just focus on solving problems, rather than “review” (mostly without any problems), all the candidates would be better prepared and the providers would make more money.

You got that right on the mark!

so are there any other courses out there?