weekend "guest" tips

So all,

I got this girl I really like who is coming over from another city to stay at my place.

I do really really like her, but I dont know her that well, we have only met once before in her city (ended up staying at her place, no banging though) and have spoken a lot online since.

So anyway she will be staying at my place for the weekend, anyone got any ideas on some stuff we could do (besides the obligatory “just bang” comments)?

Are you looking for cheesy date ideas? Cause you could always hit up an outdoor ice rink or something like that

hmm, prefer not cheesy, i dont think we are at that level. I think the ice rink idea is actually quite good, problem is I have never ice skated, and pretty sure im gonna end up looking like a total 'tard.

Do the parents know? or going to do the old sneak-in-the-backdoor ploy?

What makes the ice rink cheesy? That’s a fun date kind of thing (except for me; I really hate ice skating myself). Ice skating can be nice if you’re not too bad at it, because it gives you a great reason to hold hands. Cheesy is disco-bowling (but that is fun too, actually).

Take her to a shooting range. You’d be surprised how fun it is to shoot a few different types of guns

Dude, you are way too thoughtful. Hot chicks hate that. I would do whatever you feel like doing and do not apologize for that.

I love skating (played hockey through varsity), but I consider it a cheesy date just because it’s sort of the cutsey cookie cutter romantic thing (reminds me of Serendipity). I know that sounds like I’m saying it’s bad thing, but it’s really not. I love the ice rink for dates, even if it does strike me as sort of corny. It’s like a guilty pleasure I guess.

I might be overthinking. but I suck at making small talk with people I dont know that well. And since I got to spend all weekend with her, I figure we need some time fillers to get to know eachother rather than akward silence

come on gurus, give me some tips here!!!

Well, what does she like to do? Take her first to something you like, then take her to something you think she would like.

Yeah, you’re the only one here who has even talked to her. What kind of stuff does she like? Outdoor stuff? Domestic stuff? Artsy fartsy stuff?

Get drunk, obviously.

Get an xbox kinect and play a dance game with her. Work up a nice froth, have some jungle juice in a bathroom sized garbage can for refreshments, and the rest will take care of itself.

Unfortunately, i dont know enough about her yet to know what she really likes.But based on my recon it includes… Cooking, Dining Out, Shopping, Taking Long Walks, Movies, tv, Hanging Out with Friends, Listening to Music, Partying, People Watching, Reading/Writing, Any ideas based on this?? Keep in mind we are in the depths of winter

he’s definately going for the sneak in the backdoor ploy

I only skimmed the earlier comments in this thread. I thought “sneak in the backdoor” was referring to something else…

I can’t think of a woman that I’d want to spend that much time with. I basically want to see them twice a day max (feeding and shagging). The rest of the time I’d rather be alone.

fire up World of Warcraft !! Chicks dig a level 40 Blademaster! seriously thou how bout hitting the MOMA, museum of sex, some speakeasy like Death n co or even PDT( she is after all from out of town)…dont overthink it dude .you’re going to get laid

Unfortunately, for many girls, at least one of those preferred activities must often be preceded by lengthy periods of “get to know you” time.