Weekly Classes - worth it?

Hi all,

Taking level II in June and I’m now starting to consider signing up for NYSSA’s weekly reviews. I figured it would be the best way of staying on track, otherwise I’d come home from work and just pass out instead of hitting the books. Anyone here tried it out? Would it be worthwhile?

or perhaps 7City?

I took the Stalla live classes for level 1 and they helped, but it’s a matter of preference I think. It did force me to go to them, regardless of how tired or lazy I felt, so it does have that going for it.

I dont really have time to commute into the city for classes, but i’ve found Schewser’s video classes (via CD or online streaming) to be extremely useful. Someone on the forum commented that they passed two levels through watching the videos, reading Schewser, and then reading the CFA books and doing all the questions. That takes alot of time, so I watch the videos first, skim over schewser/CFA curriculum and then do all the questions. The videos are very macro but give you a good sense of how everything fits together. I’m not able to do that when I read…