weight of each section

do we have any changes of the weight of topic this year? is corporate finance still max point 36 and Portfolio 18? I rememver portfolio management only either in morning section or afternoon section, but not both. the same for econ, quant, alternative investment… Thanks

won’t know till the test…

Corporate finance max is only 18 not 36 (5%-15%)

I remember reading a post from someone who took the L2 exam a couple years back (2007?) saying that they had three item sets on derivatives in their exam. And that this was the reason why he failed the exam. A full 15% out of the potential 5-15% that CFAI gives you for a breakdown. So don’t go trying to guess how many item sets per topic. That’s a fool’s game.

sounds to me like he was making an excuse for failing.

jmac01 Yeah you’re probably right. And as bpdulog is fond of quoting, there are no excuses. But just remember…this exam is all relative. That is, if everyone gets destroyed by a certain item set, then that will be taken into account. Angoff Method and all that.

Well, let me make some excesses in advance. If we get the full 15% weight on either Quant or PM then I’m in real trouble :frowning:

is portfolio mgmnt and econ for sure each is 18 point? Thanks. mutualfundsig Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > won’t know till the test…

Quant, you can get only max 10% - 12