Weight of each subject

Not sure, if the question is too basic. How much is the approximate weight of each subject for the level II?

Here you go:


Thanks, Chad!

Something that has always puzzled me is the “range” of weights for each topic…

So can we have a situation where we have equal number of questions on the test for FSA (15%, lower end) and say,Alternative Investments (15%, upper end), similarly for other topics…thats scary!! In L1 we knew which area carried how much fixed weightage, so could prepare accordingly…any thoughts on this?


I don’t really see what’s puzzing. It’s a range, and yes, that situation could occur. It is scary. It’s part of the reason Level 2 is so much harder than L1 and is considered by lots of people to be the most difficult of the three exams.

You can either prepare really well for everything (very time consuming and would make me put my head through a wall), or you can prepare very well for the higher weighted sections and the sections you enjoy/find easier and know the basics about the other ones.

Here is my relative importance factor for each topic .

I divided the mid point of weight of topic(i) by number if pages in CFAI Book of topic(i).

What do you think about this ranking ?

Maybe I should adjust the reults by “difficulty factor” ?

It looks like FI in overvalued… and Alts undervalued by the community…

Pages Weights Importance Factor Topic 131 10 7,6% Alts 227 10 4,4% PM 456 20 4,4% FRA 578 25 4,3% Equity 185 7,5 4,1% Econ 270 10 3,7% Ethics 295 10 3,4% CorpFin 230 7,5 3,3% Quant 365 10 2,7% Deriv 370 10 2,7% FI

Another issue is how fast we can solve problem from particular topic, eg. I solve quant problems on average in 10 minutes, this is also important factor but difficult to apply into numbers.

Try to understand the point before replying please.