Weights by topic

Does anybody know what are the weights assign for each topic?? e.g. Economics 10%, FSA, Derivatives, … In 1st level I remember they were published, should I assume those weights are the same??? Thanks

go to CFAI page, they are listed there.


Ethics – 10% Quant – 5-10% Economics – 5-10% Corp Fin – 5-15% FSA – 15-25% Equity – 20-30% FI – 5-15% Derivatives – 5-15% Alt. Inv. – 5-15% Portf. Mgmt. – 5-15% But there is a lot of overlap – they can ask quant questions in PM/Equity, Economics questions in PM/Equity, FSA questions in Equity, Corp Fin. questions in PM/Equity, etc…

I dont like how Corp Fin, Fixed Income, Deriv, and Alt Inv are 5-15%. I wish they would clearly label as 5 - 10 or 10 - 15% . . . you really can’t afford to blow any topic on this exam . . .

I am almost thru FI, and so far I have actually enjoyed it. It seems more intuitive and qualitative than L1. I feel like I understand it, which is always very scary.

So much of Portfolio Management for 5-15% is a shame to CFAI in real terms discounted at real WACC-(on the arse).

Thanks for response, yes it looks like 5-15 is a wide range Good luck

FSA – 15-25% this is where you can bring up your chances…FSA is not a lot of material yet it can be a quarter of the exam. its only 180 pages in schweser…get after this section and nail it

From the minimum weights you know what 80% of the exam will be. So the question is what will make up the last 20%. My guess is that it will be unlikely that any one section will have an extra 10% more probably there will be a couple of Econ and Quant questions in other sections with the remaining four item sets going to the last seven topics.

If I am CFAI, I would make an exam that has a very even coverage of the topics. This way if people are cutting corners on review of some sections, they would get penalized. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do great on Equity, FSA, Corporate Finance, Ethics and just ok on all other sections I think you will have a very safe chance of passing. Combined they will be 50-70% of the exam. Focus on those sections.