Weights for L2 sections

Hi all, Does anyone know what are the weights for differenction sections of the curriculum? Thanks S


Hi, IMO it would have been better if the CFA institute provide us with the fixed weights and not the range. Below is the break up of item sets for Jun’08. 4 FSA (20%) 4 Equity (20%) 2 (10%) each on Ethics, FI, Derivatives, CF 1 (5%) each on Quant, ECO, PM, Alt Investment Total 20 items sets. Institute can create item sets in ANY combination but in general they love combining, PM with Quant (Multiple regressions) FI with Derivatives (binomial tree) CF with Equity (Mergers & Acquisition) CF with FSA SURPRISE – Integral part of the exam (TB in ’07 & BOP in ’08 and no question on time series) expect the unexpected.