Weird email from CFAI

I have passed L2, just got a strange email from CFAI saying:

Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey toward becoming an investment management professional with the CFA Program…yada yada yada"

WTF is this?

This is really bugging me

Man, some people are just never happy.

I blame this forum for making me paranoid

I got this email too today (and passed L2). Just registered to L3 so maybe that’s related. You didn’t register yet?

This is just a mass email for a target audience, compliments of the CFAI.

I’m not sure what is your concern.

I’m really interested to know… why is this bugging you?

I am registered as well

Just seems strange that they would send me a welcome email after I have been in the program 2 full years and passed 2 of their exams. Almost like they lost my result or something? I blame Peter13 and his thread on the post exam survey for my paranoia.

this should be in the CFA forum and not watercooler

Peter13? I personally blame 1 Peter 2:24 and have the cross reference from Isaiah tattooed on my arm in ancient hebrew. No need for paranoia.

Oh no, you got “the” dreaded email. I’ve seen this happen once or twice before…the last guy I knew who got that very same email in error, he spent 4 years clearing things up before he was allowed to sit for Level 3. Good luck, man.


Sounds like the journey is over. Good luck out there dude.

Didn’t think the paranoia of the L3 board right now could be topped but this is giving it a run for its money.

What’s the concern. If you passed 1&2 already, you can surely do it again.

This belongs in the feedback forum.

I hereby request that fellow AFers put a moratorium on the standard response of “this belongs in the feedback forum” as the gag has run its course…oh hell, I just self-realized that this post itself belongs in the feedback forum.

I received the same email having just passed L1 and registered for L2, and hang in there OP, a vague sense of dread passed through me as well

Please use the search function… specifically in the feedback forum.