Weird Email

Did anyone else get this email? "Exam is coming soon so are you guys ready for the coming exam? First i want to WISH you guy who going to the exam on December good luck… The BEST preparation material is here… The 2007 CFA institite’s official 5 online sample exam for level 1. These online sample exams provide you an idea as to the question formats and level of difficulty you will encounter on the actual exam in a timed environment that simulates actual testing conditions. The sample exams help you assess your preparation and target areas for further study. Taking multiple versions of the online sample exams helps you identify topical strengths and weaknesses as the actual exam date approaches. In most of the cases there is 70% chance of real exam paper would be similar to one appeared in sample exam. Do doubt it has great value in success rate. u can check the detail here : It worth $250USD. There are 5 for level 1 Level 1 is ready which will just cost $20 for 5 of them. email me to who what level 1 for payment information Thank and Good Luck for you Guys… "

You would be out of your mind to take up his offer. If CFAI found out about it, you would be through.

I’m more shocked at how this guy even managed to get my e-mail???