Weird Interview Situation

So I had a mid-senior level role at a Buy-Side Growth shop near me. 1st interview was at the end of May. Informal but fairly long and thought it went ok. Figured it might be weeks before I heard back, if ever, since these positions might take a lot of interviewing.

Heard back 4 days later saying they’d like a 2nd interview and asked if I was interested. I said yes and let me know what dates and times.

5 days later they get back saying they’ll get back to me in a week when all their people are in and can schedule a time.

That was 20 days ago.

I get it, people get busy. But I feel kinda ‘ghosted’ now. It’s like damn man, if you didn’t like me don’t email me about the next interview, I’m cool with that. Don’t get a brotha’s hopes up and then “ghost” him. lol

Anyone else experienced this?

If some chick contacted me for round 2 - and then ghosted me. . . I would do ANYTHING but contact her back.

IDK if that applies to your situation here - but maybe you should sleep with their friend to make them jealous. Why couldn’t it work?

I usually bother chicks every week. Persistence is key. I do it until I get blocked. Don’t really care as there is plenty of fish. And that’s a pun!!!

Great advice. I’ll make sure to sleep with the interviewer’s spouses.

That should get the ball rolling again. I’ll let you know how it goes.

From my experience, an active interview process (prompt responses from coordinator, hiring manager shows up for phone interview on time, organized in person interview experience, timely and effective negotiation process) reflects a genuine need for hiring a good employee and the sincerity of the team you’ll join.

I’d get turned off with the ghosting after 20 days without a note. Move on if you have other options. If you really want the job, give them a note asking for an update. Tell them you have received an offer and would like to hear if they are still interested.

i got this buddy. that is going to these armenian networking for young professionals. anyways its just a place for single peepz to date. very smart way to expand your experience! ghosting happens a lot, but everyone is very professional about it.

So one of their wives was kind of put off, but the CEO’s mrs was definitely was into it. She even brought out the gimp. It got kinda strange, in a good way. Good vibes all around, despite the burn marks.

Tactics - yeah my thought too, either you are kind of a jerk organization or just really disorganized. Either way, reflects poorly. Don’t have many other options currently but in no desperate need of a current new job. Will send a note next week before the holiday & let that be an end to it. Just curious if others experienced the same. I mean I’ve been ignored after interviews, and that’s fine, I didn’t get the position, I get it. But never been invited back and then ghosted. That’s weird.

I don’t last 4 days in these situations without sending an email - I have to knowwwwwwww lol

I sent a quick note last week and they never got back to me. Weird all around. And unprofessional.

On to the next…

Also signs of a team that’s either way in over their heads or they don’t care (or don’t really have an urgency to hire). Sometimes I feel so lucky to be in my current position. Not just because the team is great, but I’d hate to have to deal with recruiters and HR (both IMO are generally low intelligence and inefficient people with too much power).

While you don’t want to seem to desperate, after a while I personally don’t mind bugging them about it. It’s probably a waste of time, but at least I can confirm it and move on.

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