weird thing happened on the exam day which ruined my AM section

Some sob took my exam ticket which I left on the table where we leave our personal stuff. They didn’t let me take the test until they verified my candidacy with CFAI over the phone and issue me a temporary hand-written ticket. I lost approximately 12 minutes from my exam time. As a result, I couldn’t get to the topic I had kept it for the last (FI). 18 points down the drain for no reason just because of this sob. I heard the FI topic was about CI which was my favorite topic. I will see those of you who fail level 3 this time next year.

CI was my fwt topic too and I had to let go those 10 points due to lack of time.

Sorry, I needed it when I noticed that there was no more toilet paper left. It was the first thing I saw… I never thought I’d run into you Ashwin.

that sucks. did they make announcement to the room that if anyone had it by mistake to give it up?

that mf told me it is not their job to find out who took it (?). I told him I can show him my ticket online using my iPhone but he said no. He had my name on the list which matched with my ID. But, he just wanted to be an a’hole.

That’s horrible… I would have thrown a fit and delayed the test. Probably would have gotten written up but who gives a shyte at that point.

But to make you comfortable, that FI question was tough… and if you go by this forum no one know what the hell to do with the first part ofthequestion which was 8 points…so you should be fine…

in the sheraton hotel, new york ballroom, this moronic proctor came around as the morning was beginning and told us to take the covers off the back of our calculators. i was like j*sus we’ve been sitting here for 45 minutes and you come tell us that right after the guy says begin?? and why does the plastic cover to my calc need to be under my chair anyway?

I’ve never heard of having to remove the cover.

I even had to remove the plastic from my passport. Also the white thing from my eraser (which was still in plastic!). They are exaggerating, geez. Really annoying.

Yeah, I was in the L.A. exam room and they flipped through my passport like 5 times… not a big deal but was kind of distracting.

they treat the exam room environment as if it’s a matter of national security. there should be some rules in place for the kinds of situation that I went through. I hated the fact that he first told me “well, there is nothing we can do”. After my pleading, he obliged me by calling CFAI to confirm my candidacy. By that time I was so rattled, I could grasp anything for about another 5 minutes after they allowed me to sit for the test.

Ashwin similar thing happened to me too but because my printed exam ticket was messed up thanks to firefox not printing the characters properly…so they had to call and confirm candidacy and give me a hand written one…

Ashwin – sorry to hear this. I have to admit I’m so paranoid I always bring two copies of the exam ticket to the test, now I realize I’m not so paranoid.

oh no! re calculators, some models had printed calculation tip cards inside of them, at my test center they were removing the cards at the checkin desk. I had a woman look closely at my passport for what seemed a long time - felt like i was going through customs

I just find it funny that I can fly from Chicago to Cairo without a physical ticket in my hand, but I cannot take the CFA exam.

Aswin sorry to hear your case mate ladies and gentlemen i am the guy that looks both ways and up n down when crossing a one way street…pleasse believe i had @ least a dozen copies of my ticket @ various strategic locations

Ashwin, were you in Chicago? The guy who sat next to me came in late with a hand-written ticket, too.