Weirdest thing just happened

I literally just posted this thread to look for advice on how to email analysts that I know are hiring (and bypass the online job portal systems), and then some random guy dropped me a message in my company email with his resume attached, specifically to get me to set him up with a job here (we’re also hiring). It’s crazy coincidental, but basically answered all my questions.

Anybody else get cold-emailed for job openings?

I want to apply to your job…but you’re in Canada…

^ Yes. Please pass my resume along like I instructed.

my friends,

you fckers.

This guys getting a little creepy. turns out he’s sent his resume to half the people on my floor (accountants, treasurers, credit, everyone) for this one position, and now he’s getting our phone numbers somehow. There’s a fine line between persistant and annoying…

Good for him. He’s a go getter.

I just hope he’s white with an MBA.

I’ve always received mixed reviews regarding “cold-emailing.” I know some people who have landed jobs through their persistence. But I’ve also talked to many senior members at my local society and they said “cold-calling/emailing” does NOT work.

I think a lot of it just depends on the attitude of the person receiving the email. If they’re one of those people that have their MBA stuck up their ass, they probably won’t reply. BUT if it’s one of those people who had to hustle and work the streets and get a job, then you got a shot.

But I would never just spam a whole floor, you have to have a game plan and target specific people.

Anyways, woodywoodford, holla at your boy, I’m in the market for a new job. No joke, send me an email with the job link if your game


This thread reminds me of the alumni networking event I went to in September for my school. The fact that I had a business card and name tag with a decent firm on it was enough to get everybody from hot skirts to brain dead jocks wanting to talk to me and try their best to make their boring existence sound remotely interesting…and when they walked away, my friends and I complained they only gave us 1 drink ticket and that most of their companies essentially had a hiring freeze.