Welcome back June 2010 LIII candidates

I’m pretty sure that the results availability e-mail reminded more than a few folks to come back to AF. So, allow me to welcome you back. How was your summer? Admittedly, mine was kind of bland and at the same time very exciting. We’re expecting our first child at the end of January and still going to each doctors appointment with my wife. Besides that, we had a small road trip to Cooperstown NY to watch the HoF induction ceremony. We also swung through Niagara Falls (skip it) and Toronto. I still have things on my “to-do” list from June!

watched a ton of netflix movie streams over the break and to top it off, hiking half-dome this weekend. Will be flying back home on 16th, so the airport is the most likely place that I get the news…


charlottekid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > P0RN long live video box!!! seriously i have been really enjoying my summer …caught up on some reading watched some movies attended some bbq …just normal relaxing stuff …that said i am nervous bout monday

Yea summer was great w/o studying. AF wasn’t even on my mind and barely even visit the forum at work. Welcome back ya’ll.

It was the most eventful couple of months of my life!