Welcome Back! Please Don't Discuss Specific Questions

Welcome back. Congratulations on surviving the CFA exam! Please honor your pledge to the CFAI and do not discuss specific questions from the exam.

Was a great experience taking it at the Armory here in NYC.

Just to be doubly sure, can we give generic statements about the exam i.e. found it easy etc just not discuss what did or did not come up and specific questions? Don’t want to get myself in trouble just after the exam do I!

For the PM sessions, the code on the answer sheet did not match with the code on the test booklet. This happened for almost everyone at NJ center. The proctors asked us to continue the exam with that wrong answer sheet anyway. Did anyone else had a similar issue of answer sheet code not matching?

Guys, in general, how did you find the real test? Is it similar to mock exams provided by Schweser?

Schweser did a really good job IMO

I had bad experience with LA location, which called Fairplex. They made us wait in a very long line to get into the parking lot just to collect the parking fee. I rent a room which is 2 minutes away from the testing center. I left at 7:15 and got into the exam room at 8:26. The room closed at 8:30 according to the admission ticket. I am pretty sure that many candidates did not make it. Why didn’t they let us pay online or pay when we leave. I understand that the CFAI has nothing to do with the test center parking but it could take step to prevent such situation. The test center just did not care, they wanted to collect $10 per car despite candidates lost more than $1000 and months of study.

Speaking of the exam, I finished an hour early in the morning session and just 30 minutes early in the afternoon session. In my opinion, the afternoon session is more challenging. Anyone with same experience?

Do you think reading from the schweser and doing questions like a lot of practice questions good enough for level 1 or should I read the curriculum books too?

Schweser is enough to pass level 1, even for Ethics section. My strategy is Schweser books + CFAI EOC questions + CFAI online Topic tests + Schweser practice exams + CFAI mock exam. I just finished the exam this June and found that Schweser did a very good job. If you just want to pass, Schweser is enough. If you want to have more comprehensive knowledge, nothing beats the curriculum.