Welcome new AF Board Members/Moderators

I think being raped is worse than bchad finding out which city I live in. This might be just my personal opinion though.

Good to know.

Not what I meant. But nice imagination!

If B-GA-Chad finds out what city you live in, you’ll be r@ped with 100% certainty by a BSD.

^Not if you’re packing.

Congratulations all, 3 solid choices IMO.

Many of us, myself included, have made no secret of where they live, at least in general terms.

mazel mazel

haha, i think my analogy went sour. What i meant was no one probably has an interest, especially in a malicious manner, of personal locations. So, the grandma analogy was supposed to represent this because you often hear of old women talking about the potential of being raped when in all reality no one seems them in such a light. In any event, time to listen to Musk hopefully give a pep talk.

I think many of us have long wondered where krnyc2008 resides specifically.

I hope there was a background check on the 3 new boardmembers. I also hope none of them cave in to lobbyists and special interest groups.

She is worried about being discovered after revealing a little too much of the female psyche lol – maybe she is worried we will find out she is actually Blake?

Lol you’ll give Blake a heart attack. The guy hates me!