Welcome new AF Board Members/Moderators

Please welcome AF’s newly minted board members/moderators: S2000magician, itera, and numi!

Be respectful to them - they know where you post!

We continue to try to keep moderation as hands off as possible, but there are still message board rules ( http://www.analystforum.com/forums/back-office/back-office/91133472) that apply to posts here in AF, and part of their responsibilites is to enforce them where neeeded.

The Water Cooler section is understood to be less professionally focused, but it is not a complete free-for-all.

We also have been working with Chad on some ideas to improve the forum, including some that are perrenial suggestions. We will get back to you on some of that once we have a better grip on the technical issues and costs invovled.

For now, congratulations to numi, itera, and S2000magician!

Congrats gents.

Congratulations, except for that one guy that everyone hates. You know who you are.

Please refrain from starting threads with only the word ‘urgent’ in the title. That’s just not cool.

So is it fair to say that Chad and BChad are tied for #1, and Itera/Numi/S2000 are tied for #2?

Itera’s dream of being top 2 is finally coming true!

If I get banned, y’all know who done it…


Is that your personal view, or are you speaking as a boardmember?



mazel tov

It should be the view as a member of society.

Meaning where on AF we post, and not our physical location, right?


The site admin (and possibly moderators) can IP you I’m sure.

unless you are behind multiple proxies. maybe I’m posting from Siberia from a server routed through NYC

Thanks, all!

I get it.

My understanding though, the moderator are supposed to respect the privacy and will IP the poster only if he/she does something outrageous, and not for the sake of learning his/her identity. Am I correct?

What are the rules on that?

Correct, that was my intention, though I did leave a little ambiguity just for comic value. Presumably the site’s tech guy could figure out physical locations from IP addresses, but the four of us outside of Chad don’t have access to that info.

I wasn’t aware I was communicating with such BSDs in which people actually care about their true identity, it’s like the old grandmother figure who is scared of being raped.