Welcome new level 3 candidates!!!!

Since level 2 people got their results today… Welcome the new level 3 people.

BS, it is not over until it is over

Have you guys actually logged in? I havent yet because i dont want to get false hopes for anything. What do you guys see? (i’ll see if the temptation eventually gets to me)

For level 2 if you have a register L 3 button you passed. End of story…

oh your a level 2? i’m talking about us L3 candidates, what do you guys see?

This is to congratulate new Level III canddiates. I’m a Level 3 waiting for my results but don’t have jack yet…

dude. it’s not definite. i find it hard to believe that cfai would let us know 2 days early. as much as i want it to mean something, i’m not convinced.

^-- that is true.


CFAAtlanta, I had the same thing happen to me…the blank boxes. But sometimes when I refresh they are filled in.