Well... how'd it go?

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AM was challenging, but manageable. PM was pretty easy. Feeling good overall.

Agreed - pm was a cake walk, aside from a few ethic questions. Am was a toss up.

Not feeling confident, not feeling terrible.

so how do you feel?

i think i can have 2 wrong answers (not including the ones i though i answered correctly) in the am session… i made asilly mistake there

in the afternoon i had 13 doubts…

how does my odds look?

today i was very sad cause i made some really silly mistakes… but well hope i can prove the institute i deserve the pass…

good luck to all of you !!!


I think I did okay in the AM. The PM was a dream for me. I’d be shocked if I got below an 85.

AM was definitely challenging - didn’t get much time to actually think about a response.

PM was fairly easy, found myself answering questions in 20 seconds…luckily had an hr to review but I still fear I missed stuff.

Feeling much better vs last yr (band 9), but ya never know.

Well, I thought the a.m. was a cakewalk. I was very humbled by the p.m. though. P.m. tested my weak areas to the max. If I pass, a.m. will carry me through.

i think this is helpful now… someone shared it on a past post


Recall a couple that i definitely got wrong in the PM. Left a 6-point question in the AM blank, Overall, this year was much easier compared to last year.

Actually think the ethics part was more straightforward compared to past exams. Didnt appear to have any subjective elements or tricky parts. Anyone else feel the same?

Felt AM was very challenging, barely had time to finish. I passed one and two in a row and definitely put in the same, if not more time into this level to try and lock it up. Did decent on the morning sessions from the last three years that are posted on the website, and I felt this morning session was more challenging than all of those. Afternoon session was much easier. If I pass I will need the help of partial points and curve. Probably the least confident I’ve felt walking out of a CFA exam, so a bit disappointed. Fingers crossed.

What was getting to me is one question I could not figure out for the life of me in the afternoon. When I went back to it in the end I still couldn’t figure it out. It was only a second after they called time and pencils down that it hit me what the answer was and it was too late to do anything about it. I’m over it now, nothing you can do, but was driving me nuts all evening. Just looking forward to a lot of catch up time with my four month old, who doesn’t care if I pass or fail.

i cant exactly rwmwmber the ethics questions… but didnt feel bad on them

so you think you only made 2 mistakes on pm? im gonna kill myself hahaha

AM was super tough. I feel like I knew the answers to all the questions except one but it is just a matter of time management, as in no time to re-read the vignette and no time to check your work if you want to finish. Rushing at the end, finished with a minute to spare. PM was easiest multiple choice I have written (except for the ethics which I thought were deadly). Finished PM about an hour early, looked over my answers and left. Crushed Levels 1 and 2 first try and not feeling confident about this one. The AM was just such a monster.

AM was extremely easy. Apart from the ethics questions I felt that PM was a breeze however a lot of questions in the PM seemed easy up front but there were a few really clever tricks that I’m glad I caught.

Haha don’t worry, by couple I meant >1, actually closer to 5 that I am certain i got wrong, another 10 or so that I’m doubtful of as well.

Hoping everyone the best.Wishing for an 80%+ pass rate like they had in 2001. http://www.cfainstitute.org/programs/cfaprogram/Documents/1963_current_candidate_exam_results.pdf

I left approximately two entire questions blank, scattered throughout the AM session… for some reason though I feel realy good about it and PM was very easy I think. I believe I answered ~70% of the AM questions I attempted correctly and feel like I’ll get an 80% or better in the PM. I was a band 10 last year and only answered 7/11 questions in the AM session. I feel like this exam was much easier than last years.


4 questions blank in the AM last year and you got Band 10? D@mn…you must have smoked the rest of the exam.

Ps - if you thought the AM was easy and or “straight forward,” don’t shoot the messenger but you probably failed.

For me AM was manageable… the only issue is that you dont get time to frame your answer in the best way you would like to… I attempted all questions; all parts…

PM humbled me; appeared to be easy on the face value BUT there were tiny curveballs which will make many peeps get unexpected results…

I was personally thrown off by Question 1 in Ethcs… I got it wrong and I know 3 orhers that looked relatively easy but I still got them wrong…

Anyway we have 2 months to think about the mistakes we made…

That was me last year. I missed every single curveball/trick on the 2014 exam…