Wen will CFAI release 2010 level 3 exam???

Wen will CFAI release 2010 level 3 exam???

Why are you re-posting your thread?



Love the constructive responses to both this and the original post - asking a perfectly valid question. Ironic that the CFA is sitting on this exam document associated with the lowest L3 pass rate in the programs history - perhaps it contains state secrets on how points are systematically looted!

Yeah, it’s a valid question, but when nobody seems to know the answer, it’s better to mail CFAI than creating another thread.

Listen here JohnyWac, posting a question multiple times that has already been posted multiple times that went unanswered gets you responses like this.

You folks really need to find something more substantial to take a stand on - best to look for the topics you want to address than waste time prescribing your self imposed rules on some one else that could probably care less!

Listen here JohnyWac hahahahahhahahahahaha +1 nice