went for interview. now what...

i rcently interviewed with a US HF. Coud someone tell me what the normal procedure is after the interview? If they dont like you, is it normal to get an email saying “thanks but no thanks” or do you just never hear anything if thy are not interested?

99% of the time, they will let you know - normally by letter within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, forget about it and continue job hunting.

In my experience, most funds just don’t call you if they’re not interested; maybe 5-10% will send you an email letting you know that they appreciated talking to you and chose-another-person/it-wasn’t-the-right-fit/will-keep-your-info-on-file/etc… On the other hand, especially if you have heard nothing, you can call up and remind them that you really liked them and are still excited about working with them, preferably in the area you discussed, but possibly in something else if option #1 is no longer on the table. Don’t forget a thank you letter too. If you haven’t heard from the guys in a while, nothing prohibits you from sending a new letter. And - though I have no idea if it works better - I do like to follow up with physical letters, rather than email.

In a lot of companies, thank you e-mails work better. We make our decisions quickly; so if you send a thank you letter, it often comes too late.

Oh, I agree that if it looks like a decision will be made very quickly, send an email. However, you will presumably have figured out or asked what the decision time frame is during your interview. The point about cards is that they tend to stay on a desk longer and make it so they don’t forget you as quickly.

You should send a thank you email. I have gone on interviews and heard nothing back. Then at my current job, they called me about 3 hours after my second interview and extended the offer. I started two weeks later, then I got a letter in the mail saying thank you for applying, but you didn’t get it. We will keep your resume on file. Talk about confusion. Obviously it was sent in error b/c I am still working here, but it made for a rough night of dread and thinking maybe I didn’t get the job.