Went from Band 3 to Pass

This is my first time posting a topic and I thought I should share how I passed Level 2 on my 2nd attempt (going from band 3 to pass)

First attempt:

Read the Schweser material for all topics and did the EOC questions 1 time. I also went through the CFA mocks the institute provided and also 2 full Schweser mocks. I felt that I understood the basics for each topic but didn’t really dived deep into the content and didn’t practice as much. I felt pretty good after the exam but I think I fell for most of the traps. I thought that I had given everything to prepare for the exam and was ready to quit as I wanted to move on with my life. After a few weeks, I realized I needed to give it one more try or else the thought of not attempting would haunt me forever.

2nd Attempt:

I started early in mid October. I decided to read a mix of both CFA books and Schweser books. I read the CFA books for Ethics, Quants, Econ, FRA, Equity, and Corporate Finance. I read the Schweser books for Fixed Income and Alt Inv. I skipped Portfolio MGT and Derivatives and guessed my answers on exam day. After I read the content, I did all textbook BB questions and CFA EOC questions 3 times. I only did the CFA mocks that were provided but only went through them once. During the last 2 weeks before the exam I went through the text book EOC questions and the day before the exam, I went through all the formulas and memorized them.

I felt a lot better after my second attempt, and I think I did really well in Ethics for me to pass.I hope this post helps someone in how they approach the exam. There are different methods so I would try to figure out what works for you.

All the best!