We're #2!!!!

Yeah!!! Mexico has dropped the US from the top spot in the fattest countries list! Let’s start sending a bunch of Twinkies over to Syria so we can drop down to #3 next year.


Haha this is awesome.

Maybe it will balance out as the Mexicans move into the US in higher numbers?

I want to know how they convinced the guy to pose in that picture. Were they like “hey fatty, please pose with this fried chicken stuffed in your mouth?”

^ I think it was “Hey Fatty, pose for a picture and we’ll give you a free 10 piece bucket of Original Recipe.”

You gotta love stock photos of fat people.

Beachbody LLC is about to have growth in emerging markets.

Hmm Russia is 23rd. That’s higher than I thought. But I guess it’s no surprise given the nation’s love for putting sour cream in every other dish… I was guilty of it myself.

El Salvador is considered a developed country?


I was thinking the same thing about Syria…

People in Russia are fatter every time I go back. This trend will get worse.

There is one Russian guy in my company who is fat and short. But somehow, he ran a 4 hour marathon. The time is just ok, but if you see this guy’s physical appearance, you would be surprised that he did it. We were all like “wtf?”

Bummer… Now we are losing that edge as well

With so much motivation for P90X and Insanity even on AF … it was bound to happen sooner or later!