We're about ready to ROCK STEADY!

Hey guys, Pinkman’s Sweatshop has been a challenge and what’s done is done…here’s to finding peace of mind and giving this exam a piece of our minds tomorrow morn. Let’s crush this and I’ll see you kids on the other side. Zims

Let’s F%ing kill this thing ZimZim. Peace, I’m out.

WORD ZIM What time are you showing up at McCormick Place? It says to be there an hr before but is that really nessisary? I livela mile away from their and I dont feel like sitting around for and hour for this thing to start. Dude good luck tomorrow, I’m sure you will kick some @ss esspecially if you had pinky by your side.

Just popped my Ambien. Good night, and good luck.

I expect to see all of you at the Chicago Stalla afterparty. I’ll be randomly approaching people asking about their AF user names. And I’ll be hammered.

I took L1 at McCormick in December, they started sitting people down around 8:30 or so. It takes some time to check in with the 3,000 people that were there. I’d show up at least 1/2 hr early.

zim don’t forget the Mentos

Cool thanks! To all of you on AF from Chicago, This may seem gay but… I’m 6’3, 210 lbs and will be wearing a cranberry hoody and green T-shirt w/ the word “Temperance” on the back. I hope to be approached by strangers who introduce themselves as “zombie” and “pooface.” Peace out

That’s my thing.

All the Best Zim and Pink!!

Yeah, Chi-town crew…let’s show this b!tch we mean bizzzness. Pink, Lisa Marie and I plan to get there around 8am. I’ve left a message with Maratikus to meet at the Stalla after-party. I’m a shorter blonde guy…will also be slammered. Zombie, AFJunkie, etc…make yourselves known. Good night and good luck to y’all as well!

Last post of the night. Me and Zim will be wearing our shirts so you can’t miss us.

good luck everyone