We're all gonna die

Not been here for ages… but thought i’d jump back in given the world is nigh.

Guessing the number of US fatalities here! ■■■■ this is so terrible… this is worst worst thing that could happen. Even in war, at least that is left to the military… but a virus!! That’s indiscriminate man… jeez this is all depressing.

Sit tight and let the process play out. The world will be completely different in the best way possible on the other side. Trust.


not that many people are going to die. but a lot of people are going to be unemployed and broke.

America will see a close to a million deaths because of this. It’s coming for you and hard.

You started the thread saying we all are going to die. Now you say that 1 million out of 330 million are going to die. Share dem shrooms my man!

55 days until a Brave New World, right? I’m losing faith because it doesnt seem to be happening! (already sold my sedan, my calls and puts, my red sox memorabilia and my jackknife. Please advise!)

Round ups over next couple weeks.

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If you were wondering, yes playtime is over.

Does that mean that my calls at 25,000 on DJIA will be ITM and we’ll make in rain?

Its coming… 1500 deaths today, total 150k. I still predicted 1m total

I would say your initial estimate was off by several orders of magnitude (we’re “all” going to die). But I approve of your second estimate.

People talk about a second wave, but I suspect that Wave 1 took out a lot of the forest underbrush in controlled burns. Strong trees still stand. Overall forest more resistant; giant wildfire risk attenuated.

People killing people dying. Children hurt. I see them crying!

You don’t think we’re all going to die?

All men die but not all men truly live. A beta dies a thousand deaths, an alpha dies but one.

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Did you turn into S2000? But seriously, fine, I should have qualified by saying “as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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If I knew some more Spanish, it would be easier to find just the right “Ay, mijo!” meme!!!

Valar morghulis.