WFH.. Yay or Nay?

Def on the fence with WFH. Been working 70 hour weeks, which should enhance year end variable pay - that’s good. But the bonus pool has shrunk to a prune due to covid and we’ll probably all get a pay cut - that’s bad.

Net net, I do enjoy rolling from the coffee machine in my kitchen to my home office. Having a coworker and his wife over for dinner this weekend so doing what I can to stay social with the work crowd. Also doesn’t appear that my group is going back to the office anytime soon, if ever, so I’d better get used to it.

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Lol I mean millenials are social with their peers.

For me it’s not going to be permanent. We worked from home a lot before corona and that’s not going to change once things get back to normal. Probably 2-4 WFH days per week, depending on what you’re working on. I think I might prefer that to 100% WFH mode.

We have Whiskey Wednesday to stay social on Wednesday nights.

In other news… Thursdays suck.