WFH.. Yay or Nay?

Ok, so surprisingly, today in a conf call, a bunch of analysts started complaining about having to work from home and not being able to see colleagues at the office. We were like 15 in the call and I was very surprised on the general opinion. So let’s vote: who prefers working from home and who prefers working at the office?

@CEO10K-DAY how do you set up a vote? Please advise. Tanks.

Work from home!

Yeah, me too. But if possible, I would like to set up the question differently.

Put up a poll with a pie chart. We gots the technology!

Oh: for me, they’re the same thing.

Tanks but I can’t figure it out. Will keep trying.

Very frustrating. No poll from Codtrawler87. Later alligator!

chad explains how to do it in this thread

I prefer WFH. My biggest gripe is lost time getting ready for work and commuting. I also think it’s more distracting with all the items that pop up while being in the office.

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WFH 100%. I have saved countless hours not having to attend pointless meetings throughout the week.

Also working on a plan to incorporate more “deep” work into my workday.

I like going into the office. Office politics, bs’ing in meetings, and forming alliances is how i got to where I am. Much harder to do while WFH

Yay. WFH is great. Right now is not an accurate experience of what wfh is like what with social distancing and the general level of stress everyone is under. Ideally, it would be good to be able to go in to the office once or twice a week for meetings since some things are more easily and naturally discussed in person and to go to lunch with people.

I really hope this limits the amount of flying internationally for a single meeting. 75% of the time that is unnecessary, at least in my work. I get you need “boots on the ground” to for diligence on transactions involving real assets, but I don’t think it’s all that necessary for sales folk.

Who’s still in WFH mode? I am! I’ve visited the office only twice since March.

There were people doing repair work in my office yesterday afternoon, so I had to WFH.

I do not like WFH, mainly because I work for the public and I need to be able to meet with them. We have a home office (that my wife monopolizes approximately 100% of the time), and I suppose that I could take it over. But I like being able to leave it all behind and go to work.

When I did WFH, I had a hard time separating work from home. The only time I could “relax” was when I wasn’t in the house, because I always thought, “I need to be doing Joe’s tax return” or “Did Bill ever finish that rollover? Need to check the the status.” I couldn’t ever turn it off.

Now that I have an office, I office when I’m in the office, and I home when I’m at home. It works a lot better that way.

Oh–did I mention that my office is 2 miles from home? I can literally wake up at 7:30, shave, dress, hair & teeth, and still be in the office by 8:00. +1 to not being in the big city.

how many of yall think it’s going ot be permanent for you? i feel like ppl wuill be canceling their leases at some point lol.

I’m on a consulting gig where I worked from home 4 days/week and popped in to the client site 1 day/week, until March 12th of this year. I have not set foot in their office since and I find that I miss the contact. Zoom meetings just don’t replace that kind of thing. :roll_eyes:

I also pop in to a coworking site on occasion just to get out of the house.

I traveled out of state to chill with my buddies who are also working from home. WFH wins! Next is working from international spots :smiley:

okay so a bunch of nerds who post on an online forum for a decade all agree that they prefer to use computers to communicate with peers and not talk to people in person. also agree WFH is pretty good. though i do feel greenie’s work/life balance issue.

Funny how greenie states a two mile commute is a “+1 to not being in a big city.” All of my city commutes have been under that, walking or biking. I’m not knocking it, small towns definitely have benefits…just not from a commute perspective.

Let me rephrase - I have an eight minute commute to my office.