What A Democratic Socialist Convention Is Like


There is another clip of I believe this same conference, where someone’s question is for everyone in the room to stop whispering as the guy is prone to being distracted and can’t concentrate. Then, the next guy gets reall mad because someone said “hey guys”, which is a gendered term.

Lol, I don’t get how people can be so offended. At one place I used to work, they’d use racial slangs all the time. I didn’t partake but they called me a few and I just told them as long as my name on the check was right, doesn’t bother me even a tiny bit. Elephants don’t beef with ants

I couldn’t make it more than 45 seconds in. The cringe is too much.

That was painful to watch…

The progressive left has really lost its way.

haha its like a roller coaster. how awesome!

I found most of it to be repulsive, but I do detect a lot of invisible disability in some of the more frequent posters here.

I wonder if those people actually work or do they just live off of social security checks and go through their day trying to find something to whine about.

They definitely don’t have jobs. Those fragile minds couldn’t take 1 bit of criticism.

“Point of personal privilege. Please keep the chatter to a minimum as it triggers my anxiety.”

That’s disturbing.

Well, the people running the convention probably have jobs running the convention. Weirdest thing to me is how they are calling each other “comrade”.

i try to be as nice to them as possible

how much money u think they make?

These people are negative NPV for sure. I bet some in that room are trust fund kids while demanding socialism.

nah. they seem too articulate to be negative npv. they could be positive npv people that like to do negative npv policies that work against them. althought there are a lot of college dropouts that are posers. they act like they are smart, but prolly cant score a 700+ on their sats.

I have to hand it to the Soviets. I think they got it right with “comrade.” It’s the best way to refer to a buddy and fellow patriot.

Is that guy Kumail Nanjiani the comedian? Listening to that made me want to punch someone. Anyone. Man or woman or third gender.


Not to take away from the absurdity of this, but I’m pretty sure if you distill any political convention into a four minute video of sound bytes it would sound just as ridiculous as this one.