What a great day in Nyc to study.

It’s thundering like mad now :frowning:

75 and sunny in MN.

It is actually nice in Pittsburgh today. VERY rare occurance.

I’m downtown NYC. It’s pretty ugly out. Uggh, http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/10005?from=36hr_topnav_undeclared T/G

It’s really crappy here in Philly, too, which makes me happy.

Im over on 43rd in midtown and its days like this that make me very happy my office has no windows.

I am on 39th and Madison - Bright and Sunny now!!

It is gorgeous in Chicago. All the hotties are out by the beach basking in the sun, and my dumb ass is sitting in doors. Serenity now…

Thunder and lightning here, perfect day for FSA.

The sky is sad here in normally sunny california! So gloomy…fits my mood.

Weather was very very nice today in MUNICH (Germany) too !

Rain in Montreal

Partly Cloudy but still abouut 90 in Houston!

  • 40 in Antartica, Heavy wind making it hard for penguins to stand up straight, glad i’m here in igloo studying equities

I am at JFK, morning weather was mucky… now everything seems fine…