What a Week!

Well, how was the first week of August for everyone? I had one fugged up week.

  1. Two old flings from nearly a decade ago each contacted me to see what’s up. I think there is something in the air. One is single and living in Mississippi teaching and the other is an unemployed single mom with 2 kids. Needless to say I didn’t bother following up.

  2. Some zip with Primerica contacted me insisting he can help me with financial freedom. I nearly told him to go hacksaw.

  3. Some dude called me ranting and axing why the fk I was calling and texting his wife…thing is, I have no idea who he’s talking about. He had a Southern Accent and I wonder if it was some Alabama girl I slammed awhile back. Oh well.

And so on.

Primerica aside, I have women issues.

You can lose a lot of money chasing tail, but you’ll never lose a lot of tail chasing money.

unemployed single mom with 2 kids?

That doesn’t sound like a trap at all.

Hopefully, one or both is not secretly your kid…


Nah, no way.

Frankly I know nothing about them. Arn’t they the lottery scratch off equivalent of financial advisors?

at least a chubby chick didnt steal your wallet, amiright?

I think that the way you talk about single moms should be adressed. Afterall they have the hardest job in the world. lol

A woman called my cell phone last week looking for a therapist who she was supposed to call when she’s having one of her “situations”.

Felt bad for the girl, could feel the desperation cutting through the phone.

Call her back. After all, you cannot spell “therapist” without “rapist”.

Is this a livejournal?

In summary, they will sell you high-premium term life insurance, will try to consolidate your consumer debt by refinancing your mortgage with a high interest rate and double the normal closing fees, and then advise you to “invest the difference” of paying permanent life insurance premiums vs. term life insurance premiums into their A-share mutual funds. Lastly, they will try to get you to join their MLM cult, offer you a “job” to lead a new branch office in your area.