What about the "What if I start today (April, May)?" guys?

Wanted to hear if any of those guys who started last minute have any success?

I started mid-March/beginning of April and I studied for about 250 hours (half of it in public transportation so definitely not quality study time). I didn’t do any practice exams (no time).

I think I was incredibily lucky to pass. I guess it compensates for all the other craps that were/are going on in my life…

^ I also didn’t really get going until mid april. But I studied almost full time the last month of the exam.

what happened to the one fella who showed up 2 weeks prior?

Also curious about the one guy who was busted for cheating last year and allowed to take?

I also worry about the one guy who was busted for cheating this year? hopefully his penalty wasnt too harsh.

I was going to say I had started in mid April but then realised I had written notes since February! But late March/early April was when I started studying properly and crammed a lot in the second half of May. Didn’t do any mocks until the week before the exam.


Firstly i’m gonna state that I cram for exams and ive a good technical background and also I wouldn’t recommend this study strategy to anyone unless you know it works for you but…

I started from scratch on May 1st and studied full-time for the month. I did the same for L1 and L2 and it worked for those as well. I used Schweser for each and dipped into CFAI now and again for more complex areas. For L3 i did the eoc questions in both schweser and cfai but in L1and L2 i did just Schweser.

Its by no means a nice month though but getting them outta the way in 18 months with 12 weeks study is defo nice!

To conclude, if you have a history of being able to cramfor exams, then its definitely possible.

^ my hats off to you