What and How to prepare for job interview with CEO?

What and How to prepare for job interview with CEO? It’s in energy industry.

Challenge: I have no experience in energy industry, and he - the super duper expert in this area, knows that (oops!)

Advice + recommended resources please!!! Thanks a bunch

Is this just a rubber stamp interview. I find these kind of interviews the easiest. They usually just want to get an impression about you and tell if you’re a good fit. They don’t usually ask detailed technical questions (in my experience). Questions like

Why do you want this job?

What experience do you have that you think would add value here?

What do you think of what you’ve seen so far?

Why do you want to leave your current job?

I’d focus mainly on these types of questions.

If it’s not apparent you know anything about energy, I wouldn’t expect you would get hammered on industry specific questions.

Probably more fit questions

How about big picture questions like “what do you think about this industry?” Any comment here?

Yes. You should at least try to learn about the industry and be able to talk about recent news in the industry, aka where you think it is headed

@ Itera, cleverCFA: You are right. All is about the fit!

And yes, I got the job :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job that you did iscrisisgood! Congrats

Congratulations my little mouse friend :-p