What are chances a CFA next to your name is going to be game changer

Well always wondered how much of importance corporates or any big firm in different countries would value the CFA title next to your name. Apparently in kuwait its higly revered, how is it in your country? Does it add anything to the savings account, or are you still on the same pay scale as you were before recieving your charter. Do you get a promotion and the so ons?

Some people might get a bonus or bump in pay/rank. For others, there won’t be immediate reward – but an opportunity.

Nothing there are already too many CFA Charterholders in Hong Kong.

i dont know

but it has changed my self belief


For me, not a game changer…no apparent pay rise or promotion.

However, it will help my reputation in the firm mostly because it is revered by my boss. My boss took the test years ago and flunked it. He will do everything to keep or recruit a charter holder. Outside of my current employer, it perhaps may improve my marketability. Which is a good thing especially in a very competitive industry.


During my last year of undergrad I was having a tough time finding a job but as soon as I mentioned I had enrolled in the CFA program I ended up getting interviews and eventually a job. Passing the level 2 has also gotten me a couple interviews and it’s only been 3 days.

Combinaion of passing level I + good company name in my CV helped me to get my current job! (financial analyst)

Combination of passing level II + good performance is expected to give me better increment (maybe promotion IDK).

The problem is that if your employer doesn’t have the charter, he/she wouldn’t value it! Especially if they have CPA/CA/MBA, they start to pretend that CFA is not important and doesn’t add anything!!

Pretty high considering I work for an investment firm.

  1. I already have the job that needs the cfa. This is merely me making good on a promise to finish it.

Let me add another perspective on this.

For any buy side firm, when bidding for large clients (think pensions and sovereign wealth funds), it does bode well for one firm to have a team who all either have MBA’s or are charterholders. Think of it from a marketing angle.

The charter or MBA is like a check in the box to show that the investment manager being selected has employees who are well qualified. These large funds do tend to have a more rigid manager selection process.

Just to share some experience and hope this helps.

If one is applying for a finance job and has no relevant work experience it may help them get an interview.

However, since the question was specifically about having a charter, then i guess your 4 years of finance work experience would count much more. A person with solid workex but no charter would definitely be preferred over a charterholder with a shaky workek.

From a firm’s point of view, its more about marketing as pointed out earlier…

No added value to me aside from the pride of finishing this beast.

I have no plans of voluntarily moving from the HF I’m at, nor is my path upward dependant on it.

I’m 33, 12 yrs of industry experience in Sales/Trading/Research, MBA. Our CIO/Owner gives me props for going after it, but the only person at my firm with a charter is in Cap Intro. No other traders/analysts have it nor need it.

Exactly right.

Unfortunately it’s like an undergraduate degree… we have waaaaay passed the time when “unversity grad” means anything at all, no one is going to praise you having a CFA charter in the finance industry (honestly you only get people saying how smart you are from accounting or business related industries but not actually in finance!).

it is not to say it’s worthless, in fact, some firms still require you to have it, kinda like a degree, you may not get in if you don’t have a degree, but you are not going to get a promotion once you’re in… those firms who hire based on your CFA candidacy/ charter hires sufficient CFA members in the firm to put you on equal playing fields with others.

it’s a check in the box. good to have. but is in no way a method of comparison to say this person is better than that.

Also, experience > passing CFA exams 99.9% of the time.

For me - a nice size promotion which means several more $K’s. When you have a family (as I do), it’s a big deal. I have the experience and work in a small market (with few “recent” CFA Charterholders - most are “old” charterholders when the exam pass rates were much higher), so having CFA after my name, especially being a “new” charterholder, has quite a bit of value. My employer knows it and fortunately will pay me for it, if (God willing) I pass.


CFA charterholder adds to your resume and employer prefers a CFA charterholder to non CFA if both of them appeals equally to him or her…it is just an addon and counts when core is good.