What are MS Excel and Powerpoint called in Chinese?


I don’t know how to pronounce them but the characters for PowerPoint are “lie”, “in front of” and “crowd” and for Excel “big”, “shovel”, “little”, “hole”

Big Shovel little hole!! It sounds kind of dirty… +1 Joey…

Starbucks is called Xing Ba Ke (Xing sounds like Shing) in Mandarin. Windows might be called Windows as well as Powerpoint, Excel - who knows. Computer is literally “Electric Brain” - Dian Nao

Would ask me Chinese friends but they are all asleep now. China Starbucks was a trip. Being a Seattle guy I’m addicted to my SBUX double espresso each morning. Here I am sitting in Shanghai Starbucks in the ultra busy SuperBrandMall and I’m the only one there!? Not sure how these stores stay in business. Seemed like they were charging the exact same US price in China, but not sure the Chinese can afford that. You can get a good meal in a nice restaurant for $5, or you can have a Starbucks coffee. Hmmm, we need some CFAL1 marginal utility graphs…

xing ba ke… well xing is star in chinese and ba ke is just a chinese butcherization of bucks i’d imagine they would also use some kind of butcherization for power point and excel. its actually fairly common technique to translate non-translatable words and phrases

Chances are if someone in China doesn’t what is “Excel” or “Powerpoint” spoken in english, they’ll probably not know what they are. Anyone with a white collar job who actually uses a computer at work in China probably can speak “understandable” english.

An acquaintance of mine at school was taking Chinese class. His name was Matthew Weber. I guess it’s pretty typical for Chinese classes to give students Chinese names, either that have similar meaning or pronunciation (sort of like how Starbucks is “xing ba ke” in Mandarin). Anyway, Matthew didn’t have any real preference for a Chinese name, so the professor jokingly (presumably) called him “Wei-ba Man-tou” – sounds enough like “Weber, Matthew” but actually means “tail” and “dumb person”, I think. Pretty funny stuff.

There two guys named Richard in my office. One is like 6’3" and the other is at most 5’6". We refer to them as the big Dick and the small Dick. I wonder how will the name Dick be translated into Chinese…?

big Dick =da gigi or da diao small Dick=shao gigi or shao diao

I know that Powerpoint is known as “Dian Li Zhan” Dian li = electricity Zhan = stand. I am not sure what Excel is called in Mandarin though. But I am pretty sure that anyone who uses a PC at work will understand it if you say" Excel" because I believe this is what they call it in CHina as well.