What are my chances of clearing exam ?

After solving 4 Schweser Practice Exams and 1 CFAI Mock i got the following scores

Schweser Practice Exam 1 65 % (Ethics 61%)

Schweser Practice Exam 2 67.50% (Ethics 69%)

Schweser Practice Exam 3 70% (Ethics 58%)

Schweser Practice Exam 4 67% (Ethics 72%)

CFAI Mock Exam 67% (Ethics 55%)

How should i approach now having 8 days left for exams

You are on the right track. Redo the End-of-chapter MCQs (particularly the readings where you are weak at) (keep timing yourself: 1 question = 1.5min) and redo the same CFAI mock a second time. Have a regular 8-9hr sleep each day from now on, this will boost your memory performance during the last critical week. Throw the books away and reward yourself with a deserved break on Friday! I passed Level 1 while scoring 69% on the CFAI mocks first time. Keep at it and stay confident, you are close to the finish line! Good luck!

Thank You