What are my exit ops?

So four years ago I got lucky and backed my way into an analyst position at one of the big three rating agencies. I do corporate ratings. I just recently passed level II and I’ll be looking to move on next year, charter or no charter. Problem is I have no clue what I’m qualified to do, seems like my options are limited, or at least it appears that way to me. I’ve searched online and rating advisors and buy side research analysts are all I find.

analyst at a credit fund

I know Morgan Stanley has a credit analyst position … I bet a lot of the other big banks do as well

Why are you looking to move on? You passed all 3 levels, and have four years of quant experience. Have you considered switching to consulting? You could play the “I"m the spreadsheet guy”.

I’ve only passed two levels. I like it here but unfortunately I’ve moved up the ranks and when you do that you make $20-$40k less than others making market within the same company. Plenty of people leave and come back and then make market so I’d like to see what else is out there. I’m the spreadsheet guy now so I guess I can be that guy somewhere else.

^ I hear you. I made a move about 18 months ago for exactly that reason, not sure why companies love throwing money at new people instead of paying their existing staff more to keep them. For all the talk I hear from senior managers about turnover and how much that costs, youd think it would just be cheaper to compensate people better to stay.