What are my options?

Hey guys,

I did my accts&finance degree in 2016. I signed up for cfa to fill in for my gap year. Turns out i was an idiot to even sign up for something ill never pass because i totally underestimated it. Ill still give it a shot but i was wondering what i should do if i fail because i have a year gap and nothing to show for it if i fail. Absolutely nothing. Would failing this destroy my chances of finding a job?

Never felt so low.

Why do you have a gap year? Are you interning or looking for work in the field? If you have an undergrad degree in accounting and finance there is no reason you can’t pass L1. You have 2 weeks left, just review your weak spots. Competition in L1 is the easiest, go for it.

Nothing will ever stop you from finding a job, even excons are able to land jobs and some of them have several gap years