What are people buying next year?

The economy looks terrible in everyway, I am shorting the market next year.

Thanks for the heads up and great insight. I’m going long :slight_smile:

I’m buying gold bullion and a cave to hide in.

This sentiment would have been highly profitable 365 days ago. Well, not the Gold part.

Probably L3 books again.

BosyBillups Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This sentiment would have been highly profitable > 365 days ago. Well, not the Gold part. The gold part is just a put option on a total collapse of the dollar.

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Probably L3 books again. +1

Total return wise, lvl III may turn out to be a loss given the time and effort invested, especially if it is a no pass. Might as well buy and hold onto GM.

Staples and Utilities

XLF long right now, also some health…thinking about retail ETF or some best of breed retailers

Same as this year, booze and women.

I am currently buying PSA - cash>debt, nice yield, healthy margins, plus all these people losing their homes have to store their belongings somewhere.

storko Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Staples and Utilities With the flight to quality/safety I’m not seeing staples as particularly inticing. On the utilities side, some of the companies I have been looking at have a lot of CAPX requirements and look to offer limited upside potential relative to other parts of the market. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m trying to incrementally build positions in financially solid, commodity and infrastructure stocks over the coming months in anticipation of an economic recovery + increase in inflation expectations (with all the liquidity injections, i-rate decreases and increases in the USD). Granted, I don’t expect a rapid turnaround until the financial sector woes have died down but I just feel like when we start seeing the possibility of the economic picture improving the market is really going to heat up and I want to be in good position for that move. I may underperform in the meantime.

Maybe some real estate, if prices go down much more so that I dont need debt financing.

You’re gonna short the market next year??? Talk about being late to the game…